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Related article: Date: Sun, 30 Dec 2007 18:03:19 -0800 (PST) From: T. Chase McPhee Subject: Adventures In Nature 07The story below is a work of fiction, set in the format of reality. Any resemblances to real people, alive or in the hereafter, is entirely coincidental in nature. It is not meant to accurately reflect upon persons, in towns, cities, countries, nor governmental areas, which the story is staged. If a sexual scene involving male-to-male relationships offends you, then you should not read this story. Additionally, if you are under 18 years of age, in most state and countries, you are not allowed to read this story, by law. Check with your local laws regarding such. % Sexual safety matters. Remember guys, this is fiction. In real life, use protection.%"Adventures In Nature" 07 wriTten by T. Chase McPhee%Shining his flashlight up the driveway, Riley noticed the two vehicles parked, the atomic orange-colored corvette, a `can't miss' custom car about town, behind Darryl's gunmetal Sierra 4x4. "Perfect!" he said to himself, softly. Reporting back to his patrol car, set way back on the road from the long driveway, he made himself comfortable, removing the binoculars from it's case.Staking out the house for three hours, Riley took notice as the lights, bottom floor of the house going out. Upstairs, one window of the dormer lit up, staying that way for all of ten minutes, enough time, he figured, for two guys to strip, take a leak and get comfy in bed. He gave a coupla hours leeway for everything else to transpire.An evil grin creased his lips, as he made his way past the vehicles, circling around the side of the Cape Cod-styled house. Arriving at the back door, his impromtu plan couldn't have been made easier; the unlocked door. Walking right in, he stepped lightly, allowing his flashlight to guide him through the dark kitchen. It wasn't tough, guiding himself through the dark, boxlike house, detecting where the staircase of the blueprint lay. As he peered up the stairs, he took notice of the darkness filling the hallway. Once upstairs, he let his senses guide him, like a tracking dog, either his nose picking up the mansex scent or his ears listening for silence, except for the sounds of chests rising and falling, to the rhythm of sleep.Their prep couldn't have made it easier for Riley, the miniblind open, allowing the moonlight to illuminate the room, streaming in across the bed. He grinned, thinking, `no sweat', looking upon the two naked men, Darryl spooning Julian's bod. Reaching around, behind his waist, he took out his handcuffs. Things couldn't have been sweeter, as Darryl's arm perched over Julian's ribs. Taking the cuffs, Riley put them up to his mouth, breathing on them, erasing the coldness from the metal. All the while, grinning, his balls churned along with his devious plan, as he knelt down at the side of the bed.It wouldn't be the first time Riley dressed a sleeping beauty up in a pair of cuffs. It took no time at all to carefully rig the first cuff around Darryl's right wrist, his arm cast over his bedfellow. But when it came to the other half of the plan, he had to be careful not wake up the schoolteacher, placing the other cuff around Julian's left wrist, Riley having to scoot the arm from it's hanging over the side, folding it up carefully, to secure it to the short lead connecting Darryl's wrist. Tricky as it seemed, for an old pro like Riley Sanchez, he pulled it off, remaining cool, calm and collective, the thrill still churning away in his crotch, keeping him on edge. Now, for the second part of his plan, he busied himself with stuffing clothes in an empty duffle bag, opening drawers and the closet. He ended with the easy chair, scooping up briefs and other clothes. He made a trip to his patrol car, returning to park his ass in the chair, getting comfy, waiting for the `lovebirds' to awaken from their nest.% "Nice night," John said, as the two stare up into the near cloudless sky.Lifting his wrist to check up on the time, Kev says, "Oops! Forgot. Don't have my wristwatch on.""Almost midnight," John came to his rescue, one hand depressing the light feature on his Replica watch."Man, I can't believe we've been sitting out here for three hours.""Right," John countered, agreeing, "seems more like one.""Um, I hate to be a pest, but don't you have to call mommy and daddy?" Kev asks, real cutesy.A smile to his lips, John giggled, responding, "We have a new arrangement.""Oh?""They're cutting me more slack.""How's that go?""Dad's the one who came out with," changing the timbre of his voice to a more distinguished tone, "`Johnathan, you're old enough to make your own decisions about whether to come home at night or not.'" Then back to ordinary mode, "Mom? She wasn't so keen on the idea, so if I don't check in with them by ten, the next morning, I'll be in hot water," John explained."Sounds rational. So!" Kev sits up, rubs his hands together, suggests, "I guess this Greatlolita Bbs means you're spending the night, eh Johnathan?""To you... it's `John'. Anyway, let's put it this way; if I decided to go home now, Sven, that's our dog, will wind up waking up the entire household, if not the immediate world, so I guess he's pretty much made up my mind."Kev liked John's reasoning. So much, he decided, if and when, he ever got to meet Sven, he deserved a tasty doggy treat!%It wasn't exactly a restful sleep for Riley. So many times he stirred awake, seeing each hour tick by, on the digital readout of Darryl's alarm clock. Somehow, the upright posture of the easy chair came nowhere close to the comfort of his cushy waterbed he slept in every night. Never really thinking about it, except for the coupla times he's been away on vacation, he kind of missed that ole rooster, crowing his lungs out, as the morning light illuminated the dawn. Still, he stretched his arms out, yawning, his mouth wanting a taste of caffeine. Probably, he could have found the proper tools for Greatlolita Bbs assembling a cup, nervy enough to help himself, but more wanting to stay alert and present, when the fireworks started. He was disappointed, when halfway through a stretched-out yawn, Darryl made some kind of animal sound and tried rolling over. `I can't believe it!' Riley sighed, as arms still stretched out to his sides, tugging at the buttons on his shirt, his eyes intently on Darryl, as he fell over on his back, his arm dragging Julian with him, Julian's arm tugged to accomodate his, a palm resting on his lightly haired stomach. Finishing out his reaction to waking up, Riley's hands gripped the arms of chair, waiting for the next opportunity of surprise to knock, when the two would finally awaken to their dilemma!%"Rise and shine, Mr. Manager!""You're up? What time of the night is it?""In case you haven't noticed," Justin tells Christian, "the light started peeking through the window an hour ago?"Rolling over onto his back, from his tummy, Christian wound the sheets up around his bare bod, like a cocoon. "Um, maybe I missed something, but mind refreshing my memory, as to why you're up at the crack of dawn?"Loving Justin's `model' pose, he wished he had the time to crawl back into bed, at seeing one hand positioned behind his head, flashing his golden-haired pit, the other hand, tucked under the sheet, most likely loosening things up after a night's sleep. "The orchestra concert? Remember I told you about it over the weekend?"Withdrawing his `crotch-ed' hand, Christian joins the other hand behind his head, as he answers, "Sure I do. I might be older than you, but I'm not going senile!""I hope not. When I'm twenty-four, I would not want to wind up in the same boat.""Yeah, but I thought the orchestra concert doesn't start until around noontime. What gives?" Christian grills his lover, removing a hand from behind his head, pressing it against his nose, as if rounding out a ball of clay on a tabled surface."That's gross!""I know. It's not like the first time you mentioned it. I can't help it," Christian replies, checking his hand to make sure nothing comes away from his nose, `attached'. "It's always been a habit, since I was a kid. So? What's up with the orchestra concert?"As Justin fashions the blue-patterned tie around the collar of his light blue-tinted dress shirt, he responds, "Sorry-I-forgot-to-mention-it. Yesterday afternoon, my orchestration teacher, Professor Beebe, informed us, if we could get to WRCC by eight AM, we could participate in a bus ride, instead of finding our own ride to the city.""I can't believe it," Christian states, unraveling himself, getting out of bed."What is it you find hard to believe?" Justin replies, his eyes, forced by habit, of taking in the scan of his lover's bod, ending with the lower half.He looked up when it became Christian's turn to speak, giving him his full attention. "You said that all in one breath.""It comes naturally, with the territory of a singer. Ever hear of something called breath control?""Of course." Then with a wide grin, Christian remarks, as he sweetly handles his partner, reverberating in the technical sense, "I utilize it everytime we hit the sheets!"Laughing his ass off, Justin tells him, "Maybe you should trade your manager's cap in for a comedian? Maybe Michael would like some `live entertainment'?"Going along with the joking, Christian, carrying it further, suggests, "If it be `live entertainment', maybe I should become a go-go boy when Mr. Pinque's reopens?"Peering down Christian's bod, to where the strip of hair crosses over his navel, the rest of him parked up against his beltline, remarks, "You've got the body... why not!""I might just do that," He calls Justin's bluff, only in jest. "I might just march right into Birdy's this morning, forsake all the thinking and logic it takes to be a manager and go dance my ass off!"In response to the comment, Justin slides his hands down Christian's back, hands clawing at his melons. Greatlolita Bbs "I don't know about that. Not much to these glutes. `Wouldn't want to have these grapefruits turned into oranges, with all that jumping around.""Nah, but I like the reaction, saying it, got.""Really? I figured last night you got a bigger reaction... I sure did."It was time to terminate the joke, wearing thin, as Justin beat Christian to the tip of the iceberg, as if trying to beat each other out, thinking up the most outlandish description of heightened activity.Knowing he was beat, Christian turns back to reality, as well as time, looking over his shoulder at the lighted alarm clock. "Shoot! You better get a move on it, babe, if you want to make that bus."Realizing the quick cutoff, to cover his ass, Justin says, "Stalemate, eh?""When? Now or last night?""I better get going," Justin utters, thinking this could go the way of Christian's glutes. Giving them a painless swat with both hands, before breaking their embrace, he turns to leave."Hey... where's my kiss?" Christian complains, hands on hips, as he stands there in the raw, expecting more than a friendly goodbye."Um, I'm only going to brush my teeth, dah?" His twenty year old lover replies."Oh," Christian simply says, dropping his arms to his sides, following for his morning tinkle.%Finally the smile turned into a hardy grin, as Riley's `mousetrap' was set off by the bait."What tha?" came Darryl's voice first, as he tried turning over on his right side, his arm tugging in the opposite direction."Owwwwch! Oh shit! Darryl?" the exclamation came, as Julian's arm ventured away from his bod, almost twisting from its socket, at the shoulder."Me? You...."Before either had the opportunity to counterattack the other, Riley got up off his duff and switched on the overhead light, setting the room ablaze with incandescent light. "My, my, my... what do we have here?""Riley?" was Darryl's first reaction, surprised to see his partner standing there, decked out in his police uniform. Then, noticing himself cuffed to Julian, he raised his arm, saying, "Is this your doing?""Owwwww!" Julian screeched out loud, as the cuff dug into his right wrist, when Darryl lifted his arm up, towards the ceiling.All it took was a sinister laugh, to answer Darrl, in the affirmative. Straightaway, Darryl turns and looks at Julian."Don't look at me. It sure as hell wasn't my idea!" Julian rebuked the charge of Darryl's eyes, staring into his.Putting his hand down, again causing Julian to wince, Darryl questioned, "Mind telling me what all this is about, Riley? If this is one of your sick sexgames, I'm not interested.""One of `my' sexgames?" Riley asks, a palm going to his left pec, singling himself out. He hadn't planned it to go this way, but Darryl had already paved the way, so Riley used it to his advantage, saying, "I would think it's more along the lines of the sexgame you're playing with Denis Clark!""My sexgame? With Denis Clark?" Getting edgy, Darryl cursed, "What the fuck is that supposed to mean?"Being a smart teacher, college bachelors and masters degrees under his belt, it didn't take much for Julian to figure it out, where Riley was taking this.Approaching the foot of the bed, Riley put on his best pose, as if playing the part of a dominating master, a role not tough to portray, standing there, his six foot, one inch height towering over the two in the bed. Hands on his hips, he looked even more fierce, as his smile dissapated and he dressed his face up in his more serious side. "I thought the flowers a sweet gesture. It's a shame Denis had to go through defending something representing a thought... a thought he could possibly care sooo much for an individual who would eventually betray his trust and....""Whatever `is' between Denis Clark and myself, I think is our business," Darryl defended himself."Contrare..... that's where you're wrong," Riley corrected him, waving a finger, glazed over with his leather glove. "You see, I've known Steve Clark and his family... well, since before the family came together. I've watched each grow up, the eldest, Sean, grown from preteen years into a man. Believe me, when I tell you Denis Clark is more like a son to me. Kin takes care of kin and I'm not about to let Denis fall into a relationship with some cheap whore!"At first the comment stunned Darryl, as Julian, knowing the truth of the matter, lay back, slipped down in the bed, his free hand riding the sheet up, over his head, softly saying, "I told you it wasn't going to float your boat!""Will you shut the fuck up?" He cursed out Julian. Turning back to Riley, Darryl hadn't any ammunition to back himself up, recalling his conversation earlier, with Julian, knowing he was already proven guilty, anything said preparing his own way to the gallows. So, he switched their talk to the rings of metal around their wrists, the connecting chain, inquiring, "So, what does this prove?"With one of his Doc Martin's pressing into the bed sheet, Riley quizzed him, "Ever see the movie, `The Parent Trap'?""Parent Trap?" Darryl asks. "What does this have to do with...."Flicking the sheet off him, Julian does a situp, asking, "Which one? The old one or the new one? You know they remade the original Parent Trap? Wasn't as good as the old one, if you ask me. Hayley Mills did a better job as a kid, than playing an adult..."Darryl just Greatlolita Bbs stared at Julian, finally cutting off his review of the two movies, with a nudge to his ribs, which caused him to pull on the chain connecting himself to Julian."Owwwwch! Will ya watch it?" Julian complained, fingers trying to soothe the space between his right wrist and handcuff."Ahem!" Riley cut in, "As you can see, it seems Julian has filled us in on the plot of the story...""I still don't get it," Darryl asks. "Why the cuffs?"Riley knew Darryl was a smarter cop than he made Greatlolita Bbs out to be. Riley forsaw Darryl already knowing the significance of the cuffs, working it's way into the storyline of `The Parent Trap'. As Riley saw it, Darryl was probing for the play-by-play scene of his plan. "Well, I just figured," he began unraveling his plan, shining the side of his boot on the sheet before placing his foot on the floor, "how tough it would be to contain you two inside," he looked around the room, "for a week or so....""Inside?" Julian questioned, Darryl right behind him, with, "A week?""Or so," Riley calmly put it, forcing a smile, "giving you two a fair chance at getting to know each other and...""Get to know `him'?" Darryl pointed to Julian."I don't think I'm so bad to get to know," Julian defended his character.Carrying it further, Darryl boasted, "It's Denis I care for... not..."After a played up sound of laughter, Riley asks, sarcastically, "Care for Denis?" Walking around to Darryl's side of the bed, he takes out his nightstick, drags the sheet down, exposing Darryl's cock, nestled in a thick shag, except for the shaved balls. "I'd rather think," he puts the tip of his nightstick right between Darryl's golf-ball sized nuts, pressing down, "these are the driving force behind your actions?""Oh shit!" Julian called out, as Riley drove the point home, putting extreme pressure on the handle of the nightstick. Of course, as Darryl tried to rescue his sore balls from the pressure, screaming like hell, he dragged Julian into the fracas, cuffs tearing at the teach's wrist."You're right! Okay? Okay?" The pleading came, not from Darryl, but from out of Julian's mouth. All Julian could do is sit up, his right shoulder angled in a molded position to fit with Darryl's posture, leaning over, coddling up to his bruised balls, as Riley let up on the stick, placing it back into the loop of his utility belt.Backing towards the door, Darryl says, "You think you're going to get away with this, do you? As soon as you're out the door, I'm going to get dressed.. get...""Oh I don't think so. Boy, you two must've had a good time last night... knocked each other right out after your sweet love making... I figured I'd had woken you two up... you should see the patrol car... I look like a bagman on the run, with all those shoes and clothes packed in there..." He let their imaginations think up the rest."Clothes?" Julian questioned.With a grin, Riley opens the closet door, pulls the chain to light it up, saying, "I'll leave it up to you, to check the draws!""He... he took our clothes!" Julian thinks out Greatlolita Bbs loud."Oh yeah, if you decide to leave the house... in your birthday suits," he giggled, "you better call a cab." For effect, he jangled two sets of keys in front of them.Of course, the act of incarcerating Darryl and Julian in the house for a week or more, drew fire about their jobs. To that, Riley made up excuses for them, saying they look awfully peekid. "Yeah, that's the thing about food. You got to make sure you thoroughly cook it before ingesting. Botulism's a tricky thing. Can make you so sick, you don't want to get out of bed for a week!" He ended his desertation on the subject, with a Greatlolita Bbs hardy laugh, as he left the room, closing the door behind him."Riley, you get your ass back here and uncuff us... I swear I'll...."As he let himself back into his patrol car, he picked up one article of clothing he had singled out from the hills in the back seat. "Hmm... just my size," he said about the cute shoestring thong, the pouch intended for a worthy piece of meat!%Pointing his thumb to the bed, John says, upon rising, "I guess I'm not the only one who didn't go home to sleep last night!"Still lying in his bed, Kev heard what John said, but failed to answer, his attention more attuned to the light covering of blond pube fur, his endowment hanging free. Taking the liberty, he reached up and gently stroked John under the balls, causing him to sigh, "Ooooooh... don't start me up again!""Why not? If ya like it, why not enjoy it while you're getting it!"More than Kev's expectations, he sighed more of a fake, `Oomph," as John `fell' forward, onto his bod. "Oh yeeaah. Sweet!" He exclaimed to John, as their chests, stomachs and everything else came together.Literally, in Kev's face, John mentions, "I guess Tom wasn't kidding," as his boyfriend follows through, his hands migrating between their bods, aiming for John's soft cock, but connecting with both shafts."And what other lies would my brother be spreading about me?""Oh," John replies, matter of factly, "the fact you can't get enough mansex?"His hand remains, but the slight stroking action ceases, as Kev informs him, "That was then... this is now. It was tough trying to gain control of myself with so many hot men in my life.""Oh really? Around here, everytime I turn around, I'm forced to stare at another hottie."Forgetting the sexual part, Kev slides his hands out from their sandwiched bods, moves them over John's thighs to his asscheeks, to the middle of his back and lingers around his lats. "It was different then. For God's sake, I was a sixteen year old blossoming fag. My testosterone levels were running faster than Niagra Falls. For a coupla years I didn't have any control over what I did... that is, until Tom came and picked me up out of the gutter.""I know. I'm sorry," John spoke softly and humble. "I shouldn't have said what I said. I meant it as a joke, but I can see you're kind of `touchy' on the subject.""Yeah, well I'm sorry for getting hyper over it. Between the drugs, drinking and the sex, my life started to cave in. At first it felt great and I was having the time of my life, but as things started to deteriorate I began to feel like a real loser. If it wasn't for Tom I'd probably be dead. Plus I'd have never gone back to night school for my high school diploma or enrolled here at WRCC. I've got a lot to be thankful for."Maybe the whole conversation centered around Kev, his past life and present, but John got the idea the last dig was meant for him.Following through, John became even more assured, as Kev dearly said, "Yeah... I've `really' got a lot to thank my lucky stars about."By now, words were obsolete, as Kev's hands cupped John's head bringing their lips together, to do Kev's bidding.%Copyright 2007 T. Chase McPhee This story may not be sold, nor made part of any collection, without prior consent from the author.
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